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by: Sara 
Here is the breakdown on how to minimize breakouts related directly and uniquely to your problem areas:

If your CHIN is a ‘problem area’ doctor’s suggest:

Try not to eat right before bed .Wash your face before you sleep, although this goes without saying… you might be a messy eater!! grease on your chin can easily lead to breakouts, Also, maybe your toothpaste is  an irritant to your skin.
SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP! You are lacking in the dream department and its stressing out your mind and skin.

If your CHEEKS  are ‘problem areas’ doctor’s suggest:

 Try to veer away from fast or sugary food, We all know McDonalds can be super tasty but come on, think about your skin!!
 Wash your pillowcase regularly, your pillow is one of the most germy things in the world! Your phone is a great germ transporter too… think about it, on the counter to the bottom of your purse, everything on your fingers touches it and then you hold it up to your precious face!! 

If your FOREHEAD is a ‘problem area’ doctor’s suggest:

Drink tons of H2O! Water is a great way to flush out toxins and detox yourself without any effort!
Reduce your alcohol intake and avoid smoking.. your forehead takes up 1/4 of your face… is that glass of Pinot Grigio really worth it??
If your NOSE is a ‘problem area’ doctor’s suggest:

Get some fresh air! We all know sitting bundled in blankets with our laptops is an ideal day but we all need some air! let your skin breathe!
Reduce salt intake, put down the super salty fries and pick up an apple! your nose will look brand new and you will be proud of yourself for making a small yet healthy choice.

If your BODY is a ‘problem area’ doctor’s suggest:

Check out your laundry detergent, as much as we love a deal, bargain brands can have harsh dyes and perfumes that can easily irritate skin!! 
Reduce sweat levels!! sweat is great because it releases toxins and cleanses you, but if you leave it on your skin it will just soak back in causing acne… shower up after practice or after the gym and get rid of those nasty toxins for good!

If you apply these recommendations, your skins will definitely increase in quality, It’s proven!

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*tans for 5 minutes* *checks for tan lines*

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